Frederik graduated from the Ghent Conservatory as producer and audio engineer in 2004, and during his studies, grew strong interest for composing.

Over the years Frederik has produced and arranged the albums of various bands and artists. This includes De Beren Gieren, Marie Warnant, Little Dots, Sioen, Black Flower, Reena Riot, Kartasan, Sofar and The Valerie Solanas. He has also collaborated with others as sound engineer, such as Intergalactic lovers, Isabella Rossellini, Baloji, Hercules & the Love Affair and Lady Linn.

After working on several student short films, Frederik composed the soundtrack of Anton Setola’s Jazzed and The Cockroach & the Sea, Christophe Gérard’s Peace on Earth and Joeri Christiaen’s Plankton Invasion.

As a guitarist in bands like Members of Marvelas, Marvelas Something, Sioen and Kartasan, he also trained to perform all sorts of musical genres. Frederik is now part of a new band, Stadt, which has recently released their second album (‘Escalators’) and tours around Europe.

Frederik composes and produce the scores of Thuristar’s projects. He also contributes to the overall development of the company and content.